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In summer or winter, we take great pride in providing quality adventures and activities to our guests. For this reason, we have some key points to familiarise yourself with before you plan your holiday.
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• Activities cancelled by guests are refundable at the discretion of the resort/booking office. The earlier we receive your cancellation; the simpler it will be to obtain your refund.
Penalties for cancellation:
• Over 30 Days prior to arrival – 20% Fee on booking Value
• 7 to 30 days prior to arrival – 50% Fee on booking Value
• Less than 7 days prior to arrival – 100% Fee on booking Value
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• Afriski is not liable for any injury to guests or damage to, or theft of belongings in or around the resort or in the surrounds of the kingdom of Lesotho.
• An on-site medic is on call at the resort during the winter season, and available for medical assistance for any injuries or illness acquired at the resort, for the guest’s own cost.
• Please ensure you use guides and instructors, follow their advice and cautions, and follow the slope or activity rules when you’re out and about.
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• Please check in with Afriski for updates on the roads whenever we have given a weather warning. We do not recommend driving into Afriski when the weather and roads are bad, and will send communications around this.
• Familiarise yourself with the road protocol and document requirements for Lesotho before you leave.
• Afriski cannot be held responsible for any non-arrivals or late arrivals due to circumstances, foreseen or unforeseen, including but not limited to:
• Traffic
• Weather
• Developments
• Breakdowns
• Strikes
• Illegal Actions of Non-Afriski staff.
• 3rd Party Suppliers
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• Please double check that you’ve packed per our guest guidelines.
• Ensure you bring food up the mountain if you are in self-catering. Please be aware of what needs to be declared at the Lesotho border.
• In South Africa, our laws require an unabridged birth certificate and supporting documents to be presented at any borders when travelling with children.
• Lesotho requires that some tourists obtain visas in order to enter the country. Please check the Lesotho e-visa website for more information.