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The Official Greg Minnaar Guide To #CrankChaos

Greg Minnaar

#CrankChaos is a four-day action-packed mountain biking festival, coming to Afriski Mountain Resort from the 26-29 October 2017. Here is Greg Minnaar’s Guide to making the most of this year’s #CrankChaos event.

The Greg Minnaar Guide to #CrankChaos

So #CrankChaos is just around the corner, and it’s good to come prepared, what’s on your personal packing list for the weekend?

It’s a good idea to pack a variety of clothing for the warm days and cool nights. But my “must pack list” would definitely include my bike, helmet and a whole lot of energy!

From cross-country to downhill, it’s all about riding at #CrankChaos. Do you have any tips for the riders?

The riding at Afriski Mountain Resort is SO good! I would make sure your bike is serviced and ready before you get there so you can make the most of the event.

Not only will there be lots to do, but also tons to watch – do you have any tips for CrankChaos spectators?

To make the most of your spectating experience I’d recommend bringing a comfortable deck chair, some binoculars and cooler box to keep those Maluti beers ice cold.

You’ve been there and done that. What would your 3 CrankChaos do’s & don’ts be?

Pretty simple really: Ride, ride and party. I don’t really have any don’ts… because they are all DO’s!

From lodges to chalets and backpacker options there’s a wide variety of accommodation at #CrankChaos. What are your “house rules”?

Haha, there’s so much to do and it’s such a big party that my only house rule is “every man for himself!”

Downhill, trail, cyclocross… what type of bike would you recommend for CrankChaos?

Well there’s a lift, plus a bunch of different trails, so I think a trail bike is a good option… But to be honest any bike will do!

We’ve got a whole bunch of events, plus some new ones to enter this year. What event at #CrankChaos are you most excited about?

With all the different events running throughout the weekend, it’s tough to choose just one. The DH eliminator was a lot fun last year, but generally I’m just excited about the weekend and the experience as a whole!

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