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Maluti Mountain Festival 2019

Maluti Mountain Festival - Rocky Mountain Festival
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About this event:

Created by Tracy Royal

Afriski Mountain Resort, Lesotho

Launching in 2019 – our new “All Mountain – Maluti Mountain Fest”

At Afriski we have expanded and refined our trails over the last 5 years and now have an offering that mountain bikers across all disciplines are raving about:

  • 110km of single track outrides
  • 30km of single track resort trails
  • 3 enduro tracks
  • 4 downhill tracks

… and all of this with a “20 bike” shuttle and a ski lift to excuse you from the most tortuous climbs should that not be your thing. However, if you are training and a little (or a lot) of legal EPO is what you are looking for, we are surrounded by the Maluti Mountains and so we’ve got altitude!

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What to Expect
Day One Rides
Day One for the Non-Rider
Day Two Rides
Day Three Rides
Additional Information

What to Expect

Maluti Mountain Fest offers you 3 days of bucket-list riding. The event will follow the same format as its predecesor, Rocky Fest, and offers a non-racing and all-fun weekend for anyone that likes to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of fitness level or sporting experience. It is a weekend where one can enjoy the pristine Mountain Kingdom with friends and family and appreciate the joy and excitement that the Maluti Mountains have to offer. If you’re not that into mountain biking, then join in the fun and festivities and a range of other activities including hiking, trail running, monster rollers, kids quad bikes and fly fishing – or just soak up the views from Sky Restaurant.

DAY ONE: The Dirt-Breath Express

This is quintessential rural Lesotho at its best: cattle tracks, villages, rivers and streams, sheep flocks and mielie plantations make up the first half of the ride. Expect a 25% technical single track and tough climbing, followed by a beautiful meandering single track down the Khukune River, some district road and Jeep track, and massive sandstone formations. Perfect for endurance and skills training!

Intermediates will experience the thrill of real mountain biking and test their skills, while advanced riders will work hard to utilize their skills!

  • Distance: 35 km to 50 km – similar in effort to a Day 1 Sani
  • Duration:
    • Intermediate: 6 hours
    • Advanced: 4.5 hours
    • Expert: 3.5 hours
  • Exertion Level: 9/10
  • Technical Difficulty:  7/10
  • Scenery: 8/10

For the Non Rider

Mamohase offer guests an opportunity to meet and interact with local communities. Their day trips take you on a guided walking tour through unique Ha Molapo villages where you can learn about village life and what it is like to live in the village. The village tours include a visit to the traditional healer, local chief, schools, health care centre, and shops. Maybe even enjoy home-brewed beer with the locals.

They also do horseback rides to Liphofung caves, where some of the finest San rock art is found. For those who simply appreciate wonders of nature, they offer a guided hike to Mount Khatibe, the highest peak (2734m) in the Lowlands. Guests can also enjoy pony trekking to ‘Muela dam or a visit the hydro-power station.

  • Pony trekking – pp M200 (1 to 3 hours)
  • Pony trekking – pp M400 (between 4 hours and a full day)
  • Hiking to Mount Khatibe – pp M200
  • Village hikes – pp M70.00
  • Hikes to local caves – pp M70. 00
  • Hike to Liphofung caves – pp M150.00 (entrance fee excluded)

All the above activities can be pre-booked through Moruti on +266 5904 7042

DAY TWOBlack Mountain Pass

This beautiful single track takes you along rivers and cliff edges; offering breathtaking views and a remote, isolated, true mountain biking experience. Made from mostly long, flowing single track, as well as 2 awesome 1 km enduro sections with minimal climbing.

  • Distance: 30 km
  • Duration:
    • Intermediate: 4 hours
    • Advanced: 3 hours
    • Expert: 2.5 hours
  • Exertion Level: 7/10
  • Technical Difficulty:  7/10
  • Scenery: 11/10

You can cut ride and effort short by taking the ski lift to the start of the downhill section and/or a bike shuttle to cut out 7 km of climbing at the end.

For the Non Rider

Enjoy a range of other activities including hiking, trail running, monster rollers, kids quad bikes and fly fishing  – or just soak up the views from Sky Restaurant.

DAY THREEGoldilocks

This challenging single track takes you down the Fanana River valley with a few stream crossings and a beautiful mountain feel. It’s an avalanche trail similar to European MTB experiences. Awesome enduro sections make up 25% of the ride, with minimal climbing and the remainder is mostly technical single track. Intermediates will ride it, but advanced riders will own it! There will be a bike shuttle to bring you back to the top or you might want to see if you could claim the KOM on the climb back up to the resort.

  • Duration: 1.5 hours – or just 1 hour if you ride the lift
  • Exertion Level: 5/10
  • Technical Difficulty:  8/10 riding rock gardens and switchbacks
  • Scenery: 9/10

DAY THREEEscarpment Ride – for the endurance mountain biker

The relatively flat jeep track takes you to the escarpment. Although not particularly scenic or technical, the view from the top of the escarpment is worth it. This tough ride – at 3200m altitude – is only recommended if training is your thing!

  • Duration: 2.5 hours to up to 4 hours – this ride is not to be under estimated
  • Exertion Level: 7/10
  • Technical Difficulty:  4/10 riding rock gardens and switchbacks

Additional Information

Day one starts at Mamohase B&B, about 20km past the border, on the way to Afriski. It is advised to book accommodation close to the start as the ride will start at 9:00 and riders should be at the start by 8:00. There are a number of B&Bs close to the border and in Lesotho itself. We recommend the below guest houses and bookings can be done through our central reservations or directly.

There are also shuttles available through Maluti Adventures – prices start at R1500 return. Bookings can be done through Wynand Weyers on or 0832261674.


All inclusive packages start from R2090 that includes accommodation, all meals from Friday evening to Sunday morning, trail fees and event entry. Additional nights can be booked at 30% off and kids under 12 stay free.

To book, contact Chantelle on 0861 237 4754 or

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