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Dirt Breath Express: Afriski’s Brand-New Trail

Dirt Breath Express Trail

Afriski’s Got a Brand-New Trail

Afriski’s new trail – the Dirt Breath Express – is a 29km long trail which overlooks the Muela and Khukune areas. As such, it showcases some of Lesotho’s most breath-taking scenery. Located in the valley of the lowlands, this scenic trail offers riders the opportunity to experience the full beauty of the Lesotho lowlands as well as the pride of the Lesotho Basotho people. The trail offers mountain bikers some challenging riding with its multitude of climbs and descents along the valley. Further, river crossings not only allow riders the opportunity to test their skills, but also allow for the chance to cool down and absorb the trail’s scenic views.

Dirt Breath Express Trail

The Dirt Breath Express’s History in Three Lines

Dirt Breath Express 1.0 was a narrow and largely overgrown walking path originally utilised by the local community as an access route to nearby villages. Afriski management felt that local participation in the trail’s construction was key. For this reason, residents from these surrounding communities were employed to assist with the upgrading of the Dirt Breath Express trail.

As the local summer weather is wet with heavy daily rains, our construction crew had their work cut out for them. A big thank you to the people who made this trail what it is today.

Dirt Breath Express Trail Crew

Opening Ceremony: Save the Date

The opening ceremony of Dirt Breath Express is set for 23 February 2018 – the first day of the Rocky Mountain Festival. Rocky Fest competitors are encouraged to try out the new trail and leave comments below.

Whilst riding the trail, expect plenty of eyes to follow you and the support of the local children. It’s not uncommon to have a little body running alongside our riders with a happy face and cheering loudly. However, should this cheering not prove sufficiently motivating, try the easier route via Muela Hydro station where a shuttle is available to take riders back to the start at Mamohase.

Upon completion of the trail, freshen up with an ice-cold Maluti beer. Alternatively, experience fine dining in Africa’s highest restaurant. Don’t forget to write that trail review…

Copy: Michael Allen